mercoledì 9 maggio 2012

PORTFOLIO: Bricks & Clouds, a postcard from the roof Berlin.


Once upon a time..

 A big decadent town after a war was divided into two sides from a huge wall.

no one were allow to pass through that wall, and to know what happened on the other side. 
So, sometimes, the most curious, the children, went up hided on the top of the roofs, 
to try to peek on the other side. and

looking to the sky the clouds, free to travels windborne through that insurmountable hedge  
they could dreams, with open eyes, about new worlds.  

Then, that wall felt. 

And today lie just ruins and bricks of it. 

That children of the roofs, with their dreams, inspired from the freedom of the clouds, rebuild up a new united shining town. 
Open to everybody, 

without any border and limit,